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Skip the Line at the Airport- Free Service

Horizon Travel Agency Presents: CLEAR - Your Fast Track through Airport Security

Elevate Your Travel Experience with CLEAR

At Horizon Travel Agency, we always strive to enhance your travel experiences. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to a game-changer for frequent fliers: CLEAR. If you haven’t come across this fantastic service yet, buckle up for a smoother journey through the airport!

What is CLEAR?

CLEAR is a unique membership-based service, somewhat akin to TSA Pre-Check, designed to get you through security swiftly. With its bio-metric scanning process in designated lanes, you'll be able to breeze past the queues and enjoy a more streamlined security experience.

Though a CLEAR membership typically costs $189, there’s an exciting twist! CLEAR is now offering a free, reservation-based option in several airports spanning North America and Europe.

Navigating with CLEAR: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Book: Kickstart your seamless experience by searching for your flight. Input passenger details for the reservation and pick a time slot that fits your travel schedule.

2. Confirm: Keep an eye out for an email confirmation, which will contain your essential QR code.

3. Go: Upon arrival at the airport, a helpful CLEAR staff member will scan your QR code and guide you seamlessly to your designated lane.

Pro-Tip: If you're unsure about the difference between the regular CLEAR lane and the Reserve lane, just ask a staff member. They're there to help!

And for those traveling in groups - rejoice! You can make a reservation for up to 10 people, ensuring the whole gang stays together. Plus, with a flexible 20-minute grace period on either side of your reserved time, you won't have to stress if you're running a tad early or a smidge behind.

Discover CLEAR at These Airports: Currently, the free reservation is offered is several airports in North America and Europe

North America:

- Calgary (YYC)

- Denver (DEN)

- Edmonton (YEG)

- Los Angeles (LAX Fast Lane)

- Minneapolis (MSP)

- Montreal (YUL)

- New York (JFK)

- Newark (EWR)

- Orlando (MCO)

- Phoenix (PHX)

- Seattle (SEA Spot Saver)

- Toronto (YYZ)

- Vancouver (YVR)


- Amsterdam (AMS)

- Berlin (BER Runway)

- Hannover (HAJ)

- Rome (FCO)

- Frankfurt (FRA)

Embark on a Smoother Journey Today

At Horizon Travel Agency, we’re committed to ensuring you experience the joys of travel, sans the hassles. For more information and to make your CLEAR reservation, click below to reserve.


Set your horizons higher and let CLEAR be your travel companion. Happy travels from all of us at Horizon Travel Agency! 🌍✈️

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