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Turn 11 Days of PTO into 44 Days of Vacation Next Year with this hack!!

Maximizing Your Getaways: From 11 Days Off to 44 Days of Adventure!

As avid travelers, we at Horizon Travel Agency understand the yearning for adventure, especially against the backdrop of the hardworking culture prevalent in the US. While many global counterparts enjoy ample vacation days, Americans often feel left behind. However, we've unraveled a formula that's set to transform your 2024 travel plans without resigning from work!

Unlocking The Vacation Code:

For the sake of this guide, we're assuming a typical Monday-to-Friday workweek. We'll merge weekends, the 11 days of Paid Time Off (PTO), and National Public Holidays to weave a vacation tapestry like no other.

Here's a quick glance at the National Public Holidays in 2024:

Jan 1: New Year's Day

Jan 15: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Feb 19: Presidents' Day

May 27: Memorial Day

Jun 19: Juneteenth

Jul 4: Independence Day

Sep 2: Labor Day

Oct 14: Columbus Day

Nov 11: Veteran's Day

Nov 28: Thanksgiving

Dec 25: Christmas Day

Your 2024 Travel Blueprint:

January’s Double Whammy: Begin the year with a blast! New Year’s lands on a Monday, presenting a perfect four-day weekend by just taking off Dec 31. Further, cash in on the MLK weekend by extending your trip to Tuesday.

Total days off: 8; Remaining PTO: 9

February’s Romantic Getaway: Celebrate love! With Presidents' Day on a Monday, just take the preceding Friday off for a romantic long weekend.

Total days off: 12; Remaining PTO: 8

Majestic May: While March and April are silent, May resounds with possibilities! Utilize Memorial Day for an exotic getaway, perhaps to the Caribbean, before the tourist rush.

Total days off: 16; Remaining PTO: 7

Joyful June: Celebrate Juneteenth by taking two additional days off and enjoy a five-day retreat.

Total days off: 21; Remaining PTO: 5

July’s Jubilation: The Fourth of July on a Thursday? Perfect! Just take off on the 5th.

Total days off: 24; Remaining PTO: 4

Savoring September: As summer wanes, bask in the glory of a four-day Labor Day weekend by taking off on Tuesday.

Total days off: 29; Remaining PTO: 3

Outstanding October: Enjoy the fall foliage during a three-day Columbus Day weekend without spending any PTO.

Total days off: 32; Remaining PTO: 3

November’s Double Delight: Relish the Veteran's Day weekend and later, make Thanksgiving even more special with a four-day break by taking the 29th off.

Total days off: 39; Remaining PTO: 2

Dazzling December: Culminate your travels by taking the 26th and 27th off, granting you a festive five-day Christmas weekend.

Total days off: 44; Remaining PTO: 0

There you have it! With a sprinkle of strategy and a dash of desire, your 2024 can be replete with remarkable journeys. At Horizon Travel Agency, we believe the world is meant to be experienced, one vacation day at a time. Let's make everyday count! Safe travels! 🌍✈️🗺️

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